Audient Sono: so urteilt die Fachpresse

Sono – Audients cleveres Audio Interface für Gitarristen & Bassisten ist nun seit etwa 6 Monaten auf dem Markt und die Fachpresse zeigt sich begeistert! Hier finden Sie einige internationale Testberichte der letzten Monate:

„The message really is that if you’re primarily a guitar player, the Sono serves as a first-class way in to the music-production world and expands the sonic flexibility of your instrument tenfold.“

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„It’s all about options – and for multitasking guitar and bass players who need to flesh out their ideas with vocals and the odd baritone didgeridoo overdub, the Sono and Torpedo Remote are a beautifully designed partnership.“

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„Based on our testing we feel there’s a lot of usability for players here that goes beyond interface territory, and the price reflects that. But most importantly, Sono enables you to dial in a good sound for recording quickly.“

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