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Triad Series T1C Short Tripod Stand With Casters
Triad Series T1C is a combination of the special, caster-ready, short tripod stand T1 and set of TC dual-locking, industrial-grade locking casters. The casters are easy to install and remove for versatile utility. T1C is designed to be used where low-profile and small-footprint stands are needed. As with all Triad-Orbit stands, applications are virtually limitless depending on your need. Couple the T1C or T1 with other Triad-Orbit products for the following example applications:

Drum mic placement (couple with Orbit booms, IO-Vector, IO-C, for kick, snare, tom, or hi hat use)
Music stands (couple with IO-Desk for seated musicians)
Tilt-back amp stand/mic combo (couple with an O1 boom and M2 or M3 to close mic a combo amp)
Dual back-line amp micing (couple with O2 and M1 or M2 for micing 2 back line amps)
Low profile beauty light (couple with O1 boom)
B-roll camera (couple with Orbit boom, M2 and 1/4ADA

Height range: 54 cm – 91 cm. (the maximum height with legs in position 4)
Footprint range: 31 cm – 42 cm.
Weight: 6,4 kg.
Maximum recommended weight capacity: 20 kgs.

T1C box includes:
1 x T1C Tripod Stand
1 x TC casters, set of 3 industrial grade locking casters
1 x IO-H1 standard 5/8” mounting head
1 x 5/8” female to 3/8” male adapter
2 x adjustment wrenches

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